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Fazenda Nova Country House is set on 10 hectares of land.  Land that has been farmed since 1836 when the current  house was built and established here.  The original Olive, almond and carob tress are still maintained and farmed.  The carobs are harvested first  in August and taken to the local co operative to be used as chocolate substitute.

Olives are harvested during late September and October, these are harvested using a mix of traditional and modern methods that protect the olives and ensure a quality crop is produced.  Once collected these are taken for pressing and then bottled on site. Fazenda Nova Olive oil is used throughout our cooking, on the guests tables in the restaurant and sold on site for guests that wish to take a piece of Fazenda Nova home with them.

In addition to this, we also farm and produce our own herbs, a selection of vegetables and fruits from our orchard. 

All the produce is free from pesticides and organically grown and is used in our restaurant for all meals.

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